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Many a times, showing something specific with a focused approach matters. And sometimes it matters the most.

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An image taken with the help of a mannequin gives it a perfect shape, but sometimes the picture may only be needed for a display in a catalog, an ecommerce site or a brochure. Yes, we know exactly how much better your product can be represented dimensionally in an image without being forced to make do with a mannequin blocking the view.

How a Ghost Mannequin can helps you? :   Ghost Mannequin Services is a creative way of making an image of a garment / apparel by wearing on a mannequin, taking its front side, back side & inner side images and combining it in to one perfect image which looks great to showcase.

Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service will be a familiar term for clothing industry entrepreneurs because it remains one of the most popular product photo editing techniques. We all have visited e-commerce websites at least once in our lives and often wondered how photographers captured the images of apparels. It is true that even professional photographers encounter a few challenges when they are capturing images of garments or apparels. Neck Joint Service for garments is a complex photo editing process and requires careful attention to detail. Used by several e-commerce businesses, neck joint services composite front part and back part of the neck, back pieces, collar, sleeves, T-shirts, pants, shirts, sweaters or any other type of garment in an image. This significantly boosts the selling-power of the image by creating a striking first impression

The known benefits of using ghost mannequin service for product photos are

  • Featuring your product on a ghost mannequin improves its legibility by making your product lifelike and therefore relatable.
  • A standard product photo, irrespective of how well it is packaged, folded or even hanging on a rack, the dimensionality of a ghost mannequin makes it a far more persuasive product.
  • Increases the conversion rate on e-commerce portals.

How we play with a Mannequin?

Ghost Mannequin services, Invisible Mannequin services, Unseen Mannequin services, Mannequin Manipulation, Neck Joint Service, Hollowman Retouching, be it called in any ways, we offers the best image one can create with the help of our ghost mannequin service. We understand the value you wish to deliver to your customers and the way you want to show your product perfectly. You being an Ecommerce platform, a Commercial Photographer, or a Magazine business, we are always here to share the focused images of your product created in the most professional way.

We’d rather let the facts convince you.

A recent study conducted by experts revealed that customers make a decision on whether to buy the product from an e-commerce website or not within a span of just 30 seconds. This means that you have approximately half a minute to convince your customers that you are selling high-quality garments on the basis of a photograph.Leading e-commerce sites have been reaping the benefits of ‘The ghost mannequin’ effect because it simulates a wearable shape, which in turn makes the product images look more life-like, and therefore relatable and persuasive.

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