Things to focus on for productive Ecommerce Images

Photos are a key factor in a customer’s decision-making process, which ultimately determines conversion and retention rates. The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating a marvelous first impression. An eCommerce company invests a hefty capital and time but sometimes most fundamental key factors get omitted. Ecommerce images are slightly different from the other form of images, hence the key to making the most of their first impression is to present polished, chic and professional images that evoke maximum engagement. Here we have discussed a few points to focus on that make your pictures more productive.

Photography lighting

lighting for product photography

As we have mentioned in our earlier blog Photography is the origin of almost everything in eCommerce. Starting with product photography lighting, Lighting is a key factor in creating a successful image, without proper light, neither your product nor the background is going to appear how it does in person. A White background occurs grey without proper lighting (possibly it’ll explode all the dark spots and mask well). Do not underestimate the strength of the lighting in photography. So take stand for lighting, invest in a good lighting setup. You can also opt for natural lightings but it doesn’t work in every case.

Practice a Variety of Angles

In photography, the target is to present a realistic view of the product in person as well as to capture the image from angles that intensify the features better. The angle is one of the core parts of photography and vast criteria as well. It also gives the viewer a broadened view of the product which lets your customer clarify and decide whether the product is genuine or not. Several practices are being followed around the world, but one of the best is to capture the image from almost all the sides of the product through which you get the best shot. Many eCommerce platforms have their own criteria regarding images and their quality this method ensures nothing is left behind.

Optimizing Your Images

Post-processing is one of the biggest tasks to execute after the photoshoot. You consider it or not, still, it enhances the persona of the pictures. Your involvement in post-processing depends on your idea for the final product. If work is being done for commercial purposes such as eCommerce websites, you would definitely want them to look perfect and not take any kind of risks. Post-production can vary from something as simple as fixing white balance too much more complex editing such as image masking, mannequin removalclipping path, etc. in Photoshop that can take hours for a single photo.

However, if you need any image editing service you can avail them online at very affordable prices. Since the cost for quality and professional services are now available for almost every budget, outsourcing also saves you (from frustration) and your precious time in trying to do these task yourself.

Organize pictures appropriately

After getting done with photography and post-photography tasks comes time to upload them. Plan your product images keeping the customer in mind and upload pictures in chronological order.

The first picture must display the full or the main view of the image.

The second should display secondary or product from different angles. So does third and maybe the 4th one as well.

The last image must display the usage of the product how it’s going to look in person and how it’ll help them for future purposes. This practice will help your customers in the decision-making process.

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