Try out mastering the art of budget-friendly eCommerce product photography:

Like they say “An image is worth a thousand words”, and when you run an E-Commerce store then images are the topmost center of attraction. How a visitor reacts to a certain product, initially depends on the images they get to see. More often, minor detailing does not get enough attention during product photography. So bestimageclipping brings you a handful of trending ideas to enhance your eCommerce product photography skills:

Background and Product Setup for E-Commerce Product Photography:

Setting a background is more important as it intensifies the best features of your product and simplifies the task of editing as well. To do so use a white background as it’s considered as the best-suited color for the background to simplify further tasks under a bootstrapped budget.

Arrange a proper shooting table

For this, all you need is a table on which your product fits in perfectly and a white curtain or craft roll paper to get the desired background. You might be thinking why craft roll paper?? Because nothing beats a paper in terms of getting finished and a crisp look at the cheapest cost, also paper does not require much of touchups during the shoot so you get to save lots of time with the help of this trick. To complete this step you just have to do the fittings accordingly.

Light tent

To cover up the photoshoot under your budget you can use a light tent or a lightbox. The lightbox allows to evenly distribute the light around the object of photography. To do so start with wrapping a white paper or white cloth around a plastic container including its bottom with the help of adhesive tape. Then end it with placing artificial lightings on either side of the container (you can also opt for natural lightings by keeping the box next to a large window).

Things to do after Product Shoot

To get a plushy look it’s mandatory to do a bit of retouching. Sometimes an image may require more than retouching from a mannequin removal, photo color correction, background removal to shadow and reflection that gives a more natural look which might consume quite a lot of time. Thanks to the array of Image editing services providers available online, they can help you to remove even the slightest flaw effortlessly with their expertise in image editing services.

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