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5 Complex techniques in image editing you may need

The main objective of image editing is nothing but to make it look better than the raw image. There could be many reasons for editing an image, it deviates as per the requirement of product or clients. There are numerous techniques of image editing but the more complex and advanced techniques include are discussed here:

Clipping path

Clipping path refers to the technique of cutting out a selected object from a photo using photo editing tools. It is an easy yet most used service by professionals. Clipping path enables photo editor to cut out the most complex edges including the unwanted elements efficiently without destructing the main objects to make it look more suitable for commercial uses.

Image Retouching

In Simple words, retouching is process of correcting the errors and polishing of an image. It generally refers to making small changes to your photos in order to remove the existing flaws using photo editing software. Retouching may be in various ways, such as color change, background removal, making the shadow, fixing imperfection of photos, etc. You can do these tasks by yourself or can get help from others like photo retouching services.


Shadows and Reflections are interesting types of changes made in images like mirroring, dropping shadows, etc. This technique is a little bit difficult to implement and time-consuming but the demand for this style is sky-high. Adding shadow reflection to objects can transform your designs from looking ordinary to polished and visually attractive. To leave a quality impression on your customer, you can use reflective shades on your product images. The simplest yet most effective way to enhance your images that benefits your eCommerce store.

Image masking

Image masking refers to the process of removing unwanted portions of an image and to reveal some desired portions. It is a non- lethal process of, universally applied and most preferred way to make the photos look nicer. A creative way to manipulate photos. In photo masking service, various photo editing tools are used widely for designing the product catalogs as well as manipulating photos on larger parameters. Mask images are mostly used commercially on eCommerce websites.

Ghost Mannequin/Mannequin removal

Mannequins hold the shape of the product, which makes product images seem more professional and consistent thereby increasing their desirability to customers. Using mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade features of your products. However, mannequins seem too distracting in images, so a great alternative is to create a ghost mannequin (also known as an invisible mannequin) effect for your product images.

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