What is a Clipping Path and How is it Made?

Why a Clipping Path is important ?

A clipping path is a computer graphics term that applies to creation of any image composite created from more than one images. Clipping path is a vector format shape which isolates one part of pixel based image from the other. Clipping path is basically a one bit mask that refers to any object in a file, which actually does not exist. Some files in Photoshop come with built in clipping paths, while the others do not. It can allow you to define a printing area quickly in a picture file. Creation of clipping paths is considered as an advanced Photoshop knowledge and it allows you to export parts of any image to another graphic file. The main advantage of a clipping path is that it can be saved, exported and reused, giving the artist a lot of room to create innovative images.

How to create clipping paths?

The process for creating clipping paths can differ in different Photoshop versions; however the basic process remains the same. Here is the basic process of creating clipping paths:

1. First:

First, open the image, select “Pen Tool” from tools panel to your image’s left and trace around the area which you want to clip.

2. Speeding Up the process :

Select the “Path” Palette on the right of canvas. Now select the created path and click on fly out menu on the upper right corner of palette. Choose “Save Path” and name that path.

3. Using right tools :

Click fly out menu and choose the “Clipping Path.” Now click “OK” in resulting box without filling the “Flatness” field.

4. Stylizing Pictures :

Save file in the application menu and set “Format” menu to “Photoshop EPS.”The file format will allow transparency so the clipping paths get activated when you put the file in a layout program.

5. Avoid excessive editing :

Select the new file name and save the location for the file and then click “Save.”

Voila! You are done…

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