Use of Photoshop for removal of background in Photos and Pictures

A Photoshop is a photo editing software which is being commonly used by the people across the world for various image editing purposes. With the help of this type of software, user can perform various tasks like cropping of the image, manipulating it, resizing it, correcting colour of the images and many more. Most of the photographers whose profession is photography make use of this photo editor in order to produce best images of the users. Various Graphic Designers also make use of this photo editing software. Photoshop also helps in the removal of unwanted background of the images. This process is commonly known as image masking.

How to do image masking through Photoshop?

Image masking is a technical process of photo editing. It helps in the removal of unnecessary backgrounds of the images like portions of hair, blurred edges and many more unwanted things. People usually prefer the process of image masking for any image editing. It consumes very less time and provides you with a fine finished image of yours. This technique of Photo editing requires certain simple steps to follow:

1. First:

The very first step is to open the required image in the element of Photoshop photo editor

2. Speeding Up the process :

Thereafter open the window of layers which is located on the right hand side. Only one layer of “background” appears. Just right click on that layer and then select the option of “Layer from Background”.

3. Using right tools :

After that select the tool of magic eraser from Menu of Eraser tool

4. Stylizing Pictures :

Change the settings of the magic eraser according to the complexity of the image

5. Avoid excessive editing :

Then by clicking on background magic eraser will erase the background

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