Ghost Mannequin

We creates the best invisible format.
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An image taken with the help of a mannequin gives it a perfect shape, but sometimes the picture only might be in need for a catalog, ecommerce site or a brochure. Yes, we knows how better can your mannequin image can be when taken out as an image.

How a Ghost Mannequin can helps you?

Ghost Mannequin Service is a creative way of making an image of a garment / apparel by wearing on a mannequin, taking its front side, back side & inner side images and combining it in to one perfect image which looks great to showcase.

How we play with a Mannequin?

Ghost Mannequin, Invisible Mannequin, Unseen Mannequin, Mannequin Manipulation, Neck Joint Service, Hollowman Retouching, be it called in any ways, Best Image Clipping offers the best image one can create with the help of a Mannequin. We understand the value you wish to deliver to your customers and the way you want to show your product perfectly. You being an Ecommerce platform, a Commercial Photographer, or a Magazine business, we are always here to share the focused images of your product created in the most professional way.